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Our Story

When a manor like this is almost 100 years old, you can expect that it has seen many things and has many stories to tell. Built originally as a farmhouse in the 1920’s, this estate has also served for example as a home and hospital for the poor and old people.

We came across this place almost 30 years ago, falling in love with the ambience of the old house and the surrounding landscape at first sight. We can still feel the same enchantment every day.

What was once an overgrown yard nature had claimed back, is now a thriving garden. Broken and worn-out windows have been restored or replaced, and every log in the main building has been cleaned and brought back to their original glory.

We feel proud and privileged that we can be part of this manor’s story and history. People have had weddings and celebrations here before our time, and we wish to continue that tradition in the Hiekkaharju Manor today as well.

One of the buildings on the Manor grounds is the so-called threshing house where we arrange many of the weddings. The atmosphere of the place is extraordinary!

When the night falls, and the candles are lit, we like to tell our guests stories about Countess Elsa who used to live in the manor a long long time ago. Elsa was very much in love with a man called Vihtori, but he disappeared one stormy night, and ever since Elsa has been wandering around the manor looking for him. So, when you hear floorboards squeak or someone seems to be moving in the stairs and through the hallway, it might just be Countess Elsa.

Ghosts or not, we feel that what makes Hiekkaharju Manor is good food, unique accommodation, cosy atmosphere and warm-hearted and happy people.

- Katja & Kari -