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Hiekkaharju Manor

Our estate provides an excellent reception area, in the beautiful scenery of Konnevesi’s Tankolampi, where you can have your occasion in a captivating atmosphere you won’t soon forget.

We provide innovation and affectivity for your meeting needs as well. We are confident you will find our meeting places suitable for your needs.

“Aki and I planned our party in Hiekkaharju. Katja quickly understood our needs and hopes immediately. Even the family’s children were thrilled by the hosts and owners, the service and the party.”

–  Hillevi, Fiancée

“Here in this area, we could fully enjoy the beautiful and inspiring surroundings. You can choose an inviting work meeting or party for the estate, threshing home, or even a rustic and nostalgic barn house. Together, we choose the perfect for your occasion. We are here for you!"

– Katja Kuusinen, Patroness

“In addition to the celebration and party, you can come with me to experience and explore the surrounding nature around the estate. We can take the tour on snowmobiles or ATVs! Everyone can come on our organized hikes and see the sights and sounds of Konnevesi’s nature.”

– Kari Kuusinen, Host

“Coming to work feels like coming home. There is only one Hiekkaharju, where the story is happy and warm. There’s always a good feeling here, and it shows on everyone who works here.”

– Anni Laulainen, Young Patroness

Hiekkaharju’s story

This firmly built on the edge of the forest has many tales.

It was built about 100 years ago as a farmhouse.
Built as an almshouse and municipal home was repurposed and put to our use over 20 years ago.
The overgrown field has been restored, broken windows fixed, and every log cleaned.
It is a joy to continue stories within the estate. Weddings and parties have been kept here in our time.

The story continues at Hiekkaharju. Weddings at Puimala are unforgettable!

We absolutely fell in love with the feeling of the estate and the scenary around it, which captivates us every single day.
We often tell in candlelight to our visitors about the tale of Countess Elsa, who used to live at the estate.
Elsa still haunts the grounds, searching for Victoria in blizzards.
While walking across the manors floorboards, you can decide for yourself if the story of Elsa is true or not.
To us, great food, a homey feeling and a joyful atmosphere is what defines Hiekkaharju.

- Katja & Kari

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+358 (0)40 512 6519

We will make your event one to remember!

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